Watch EPIC 2014&2015 agin

July 9th, 2009 Comments off

Thinking future of Internet or Web is very important.
Because,Web Technology grows fast recently.
If you don’t think  about future of Internet,you will fall behind the times.

Watch EPIC 2014&2015 again.
And Let’s stop to think about future of internet!


Do you want to watch EPIC 2015?

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My social account

June 29th, 2009 Comments off

Recently, I made some social service accounts.
And I started to use these services.


I don’t understand how to use facebook, but I’ll try it in English. is useful for learning language.Now, I study for TOEIC.

I am a student majoring in computer science,
so I want to report about Japanese IT Trends in this blog.
And I also want to report about Japanese young people’s IT Trends,
especially university student.
Adding this blog, I’ll use Twitter,digg,delicious and facebook to output my knowledge.

If you learn Japanese ,Let’s study at!
And I have Twitter account for Japanese

 Feel free to access to my social accounts!

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